The Conclusive Farewell

by Sofía Bertomeu



Farewell (interj.)

expression at parting, late 14c., from Middle English faren wel, verbal phrase attested by c. 1200; As a noun, "a good-bye, a leave-taking".

1. A wish of happiness or safety at parting, especially a permanent departure

2. A departure; the act of leaving

Conclusive (adj.)

1610s, "occurring at the end", from French conclusif, from Late Latin conclusivus, from conclus-, past participle stem of Latin concludere "to shut up, enclose", from assimilated form of com "together" (see con-) + -cludere, combining form of claudere "to shut".

1. Pertaining to a conclusion
2. Providing an end to something; decisive

*To those emotional tendencies that have (luckily) come to an end


released January 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Sofía Bertomeu Spain

Organic Experimental Music & Conceptual Sound Art.

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