(On) Karma

by Sofía Bertomeu



From Sanskrit: कर्म,
karman ‘action, effect, fate’.

Every act, mental or physical, provokes a result of a value similar to the cause itself.
In this way, if we set in motion a series of creative and morally good acts, these acts will ultimately benefit us.
There is no excuse for wrong behavior or even ignorance.
The great karmic effects are the result of the violation of cosmic laws and divine principles. This violation could be intentional harm caused to others for selfish purposes.
Our moral sense or conscience serves as a barometer to warn us when our actions are contrary to these laws.
If, despite the warnings of that barometer, we continue on the path we have undertaken, we will suffer the effects of our acts that can be unpleasant and bring us bitter lessons.

Photo taken at the Bode-Museum (Berlin)


released August 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Sofía Bertomeu Spain

Organic Experimental Music & Conceptual Sound Art.

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